What Happened to Glen LeBaron and What is He Doing Now?

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Glen LeBaron was first introduced to our screens way back in 2013 on Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice in season 2. The confident – some would say cocky – self proclaimed ‘Best Gold Dredger in Nome’ brought his greatest dredge build to Nome that winter to help out his friend, Zeke Tenhoff.

He was on the show for 3 seasons – 2 Under the Ice and 1 summer – before he disappeared, never to be seen on our screens again with no explanation when Bering Sea Gold season 4 rolled around. Many fans were left wondering what happened to him and his Dragon.

The Dragon was a submersible dredge with a self-contained underwater sluice box.  Glen’s masterpiece was an accumulation of gold dredging knowledge and experience that took him ten years to perfect and cost around $150,000 to $200,000 to develop and build.

submersible gold dredge on Gold Divers

Full of self-assurance and complete conviction that he was always right, Glen quickly rubbed people the wrong way. Ian Foster, one of the most laid back miners in the first few seasons, was not a fan when Zeke told them Glen and his Dragon would be joining their crew during the ice season in 2013.

He proved to Zeke and the crew that his Dragon did work, recovering almost twice as much gold in its initial clean out.  

After a successful first season during ice with Zeke and the crew, the next summer found Glen looking for his lost Dragon. While it was tied up to his dredge platform, Miss Nomer, it got caught on an outgoing iceberg, and drifted out to sea, nowhere to be found. 

He spent half the summer looking for the lost submersible dredge before finally taking a job diving for Steve Riedel on the Minnow

No one was surprised when he didn’t stay on the Minnow  for long. Instead he had a prototype of The Dragon shipped from Washington so he could be his own boss again in an attempt to hit his season goal.

The Little Dragon was smaller and slower than its big brother so it was a stroke of luck that a fisherman spotted The Dragon towards the end of the season.

Glen and his girlfriend at the time, Jasmine, were able to find it half-buried on the floor of the Bering Sea and rescue it.

In the winter ice mining season he once again teamed up with Zeke Tenhoff in Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice season 3. It seemed like he was sticking around to becoming a series regular for years to come.

But to everyone’s surprise- that was the last time we saw Glen LeBaron on the show.

Glen has proven to be a hard person for fans to follow with his social media profiles all set to private. He hasn’t been active in any of the Bering Sea Gold fan groups online. It left many wondering, had the World’s Best Gold Dredger given up the hunt for gold? What happened to The Dragon

As of July 2022, it was confirmed by several miners in Nome, Alaska, that Glen LeBaron was still there in town and still dredging. He’s been a crew of one dredging the Bering Sea with The Dragon and making art-house style Instagram reels. “Glen is a great miner, he really knows his shit but his arrogance makes it a challenge to work with him,” John, a local miner, told me while I was in Nome this summer. It was a sentiment that was shared by others. He’s arrogant but still gains people’s begrudging respect because he knows what he’s talking about and doing.

Even though he hasn’t been on the show, he’s been out there in Nome every season chasing that shiny stuff, summer and winter. 

He’s even worked with some of our favorite gold miners. Does this mean we’ll be seeing him on our screens again?

Probably not. Rumor has it he and Discovery had a messy parting of ways due to, uh, “creative differences” during Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice Season 3. Since then he has turned down multiple opportunities to guest star on the show.

While he was a polarizing person to watch, Glen at least had the knowledge and skills to back it up, even if his over-the-top conceit was a huge turn off to many fans. 

Ian Foster probably described it best in Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice season 2 episode 2.

“Glen’s an interesting guy. Kind of like there’s this dude you don’t really get along with, but he’s got a sister that’s really hot and you want to date…and that’s Glen’s Dredge.”

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