Tasmanian finds $2,000 of gold PER DAY using a bottle and a stick

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Another day, another video of Tasmanians finding thousands of dollars of gold in a beautiful remote river.

Levi Triffitt of the Tassie Boys Prospecting Youtube Channel (like Rob Parsons, who we wrote about last week) is among the elite few Tasmanian prospectors who are pulling ridiculous quantities of gold out of the Australian island state’s rivers and creeks armed with nothing but a stick, a plastic snuffer bottle, and a snorkel.

In a recent video Levi takes us through his journey traveling to the remote reaches of the Tasmanian forest in a pack raft to uncover a record-breaking amount of gold.

Who is Levi Triffitt?

Levi is a Tasmanian Youtuber, prospector, and accomplished outdoorsman.

While he’s gained popularity in recent years for his gold prospecting exploits on Youtube, few know he’s been on the platform for over a decade.

Back in the early 2010s he and his late brother Jarom were performing and filming death-defying stunts to raise money for families with severely autistic children. It’s a cause near and dear to Levi’s heart as his younger brother Corom with autism needs full-time care.

Levi rebranded the Tassie Boys Youtube channel in 2020 to “Tassie Boys Prospecting” and now focuses on finding gold.

In a recent video explaining his motivation behind focusing on prospecting he explains he loves the thrill of the hunt, even though Tasmania’s crazy law dictates prospectors can’t sell their gold for personal gain, but must hold it on behalf of the Crown.

The other reason is for his brothers. Corom, as I mentioned, is severely autistic, and Jarom, Levi’s other brother, tragically took his own life in 2019.

“When I’m miles out along the river,” Levi says, “with the pack raft all alone, I carry my brothers in my mind.”

Tassie Boys Prospecting Most Successful Adventure

His hard work in recent years on Youtube has clearly been paying off. Levi recently published a series of three videos that have received almost 3,000,000 views in just two months!

The secret? Big danger and big gold.

Levi describes his adventure as his longest solo pack raft prospecting adventure to date. He traverses over a dozen kilometers of river while facing rapids, fallen trees, and other obstacles looking for the perfect spot to find gold.

A lot can go wrong on a solo trip like that. He could get injured or sick. He could get lost, get hypothermia, or get caught in a bad position and risk drowning.

But, as we know from our experience hunting for gold in the Bering Sea, only those willing to conquer nature’s challenges get the gold.

Levi’s primary focus is on “sniping” gold from the bedrock, which is a gold recovery technique that doesn’t involve motors or machines.

He specifically seeks out softer bedrock that is decomposing, as this has proven to be the most fruitful in his previous outings. Carefully examining each section of bedrock, he knows that if a location is rich in gold, it will reveal itself quickly.

To get a clear view of the bedrock, Levi submerges his head underwater and scrapes away the overgrowth with a metal stick. This allows him to observe the underwater environment more closely and reduces the chances of missing potential gold deposits.

Sometimes it pays to look twice

As the trip draws to a close, Levi uncovers the best nugget of the entire trip in a spot he worked previously. The nugget, hidden amongst growth and magnetite, takes some effort to find but is well worth the search.

“I thought I’d done a pretty good job of this spot when I left it but just goes to show if you keep continuing on and put the time in there’s more to be found.”

— Levi Triffitt, Tassie Boys Prospecting

We’ve learned many times on Lease 14 that it’s worth looking in a spot we’ve worked before.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but Levi cleans up a LOT of gold. It’s hard to fathom someone recovering as much gold with a plastic bottle as some motorized dredges do, but Tasmania is not your average gold prospect.

It’s obvious there are rivers there that are filled with ounces of gold that haven’t been explored by prospectors for 100 years or more. In this day-and-age it’s a rare gift to watch someone experience what it must have felt like for early explorers who find virgin ground.

Check it out for yourselves!

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