‘I was just about to get out and I just found another one! And it’s bigger!’: Man snipes two gold nuggets worth $450 in local river

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In a viral video with over 10 million views, PioneerPauly is seen sniping two beautiful gold nuggets after record flooding in the Sooke River.

We talked to PioneerPauly about his great find and it turns out there was a lot more to the story.

A Huge Storm Creates Opportunity

Pauly discovered the nuggets after a ‘monster’ flood. He knew, like we teach in our Ultimate Gold Prospecting Guide, that there are great prospecting opportunities after big storms.

He raced out in the deep snow to check out one of his favorite Sooke River tributaries.

“Accessing the area was really tough because there was about a foot of snow. I had to plow up through the logging roads myself in my truck.

There was a fallen tree in one of the tributaries of the Sooke River that had been there forever. The tree caused a huge pileup of sand and rock and debris and hid the bedrock, where I usually find gold.

When I got there I saw that tree and the debris was totally washed out by the storm and exposed fresh bedrock that nobody could access before.”

Prospectors are often looking for exposed bedrock when sniping gold nuggets in a river, and it paid off for Pauly.

In the video PioneerPauly gets in the water surrounded by snowy river banks and finds one beautiful nugget. Right before he gets out, he finds another, even bigger one.

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A Numb Face and a Pocket Full of Gold

Was it painful to get in water that cold, we asked?

“Psychologically, you think it’s going to be super cold because you get in with snow around you. I found it’s not that much colder than usual, but you have to get your face in the water long enough so it goes numb. You won’t feel your lips or anything. It’s pretty f***ing cold, but your body’s warm because you have a thick wetsuit and you’re moving around.”

Pain is beauty, as they say, and two gold nuggets that weigh 8.6 grams is a beautiful thing in our opinion.

At today’s gold spot price, those nuggets are worth over $450! They could be worth even more, though, as gold nuggets are often more valuable than the weight of the gold they contain due to their unique shape.

Watch him make his strike here!

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