Our Story

When I first came to Nome, Alaska in 2011 to dredge for gold I had no idea how dramatically my life would change. It was supposed to just be a summer gig to fund my opera training, but by the end of the summer I would have a tv contract with Discovery to shoot Bering Sea Gold and have started my career in the storied business of finding gold in Alaska. I would never have guessed I'd still be working in both entertainment and the dredging business a decade later.

Throughout this journey I've met many fellow gold miners, prospectors, and treasure hunters - and I'm always struck by their passion, knowledge and ingenuity. I started Bering Sea Paydirt in 2021 as a way to provide modern treasure hunters a way to participate with me in the great hunt for gold in the Bering Sea, and to provide those folks with designs and tools that were thoughtful and beautiful - something that is sorely lacking in the treasure hunting and mining business.

Thank you for stopping by and reading our story!

- Emily Riedel