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Pioneer Pauly spends the night on Shawn Pomrenke's MegaDredge

“Inside the boat it was very creepy. I kept hearing knocking and possible mice. I didn’t sleep very well that night!” Pioneer Pauly Sneaks onto Shawn Pomrenke’s Mega Dredge

Adventurous Youtuber and gold prospector, PioneerPauly, spends the night on Shawn Pomrenke’s abandoned Mega Dredge.

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Real Gold Paydirt from the Bering Sea

How to Find the Right Gold Paydirt for You

Real gold paydirt is a fun way to prospect at home! But watch out, because not all gold paydirt sold online is a good deal. Before you buy that bag, know what to expect.

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Where is Hank Schimschat Bering Sea Gold

What Happened to Hank Schimschat? Exclusive Interview!

Hank Schimschat was on Bering Sea Gold for 2 season before disappearing, In our exclusive interview he tells us what happened and what he’s been doing since.

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What happened to glen lebaron from bering sea gold

What Happened to Glen LeBaron and What is He Doing Now?

Glen LeBaron, self proclaimed, Best Gold Miner in Nome, disappeared from our screens in 2014. What happened to Glen Lebaron & his submersible dredge, The Dragon

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how they film underwater

How They Film the Underwater Footage on Bering Sea Gold

Executive Producer for Bering Sea Gold, Eric Lange share how they get all that amazing underwater footage we see on the show.

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Bering Sea Mega Dredge

EXCLUSIVE Shawn Pomrenke Reveals Plans for the Mega Dredge After Years of Silence!

Shawn Pomrenke tells us exactly what is happening with the Mega Dredge! Fans have been wondering and we’ve got the answer straight from Mr. Gold himself!

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Gold Show Jungle Gold

What is Jungle Gold? The Craziest Gold Mining Show Ever

Jungle Gold debuted on the Discovery channel in 2012. It was two short seasons of mining disasters, issues with locals, armed militias and wild accusations

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Bering Sea Gold Fathers

Fatherhood According to the Cast of Bering Sea Gold

We’re celebrating Father’s Day by taking a look at the Cast of Bering Sea Gold and how the fathers on the show stack up.

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Nome Gold Rush History

Claim Jumpers & Crooked Politicians – Nome Gold Rush History Pt 2

The Nome Gold Rush History, pt 2. A Corrupt Judge and Greedy Politicians try to steal the best claims in Nome, Alaska in the least known Nome conspiracy

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Nome Gold Rush History

The Beginning of the Nome Gold Rush (In Pictures)

The Nome Gold Rush lasted officially from 1898 until 1909. In the first part of this multiple part series we look at the beginning of the Nome Gold Rush.

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Bering Sea Gold 2022

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Preview Part 2

We Breakdown the Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Preview that we didn’t cover in the Fight Edition! With more drama, special guests and a new dredge? Check it out!

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Zeke Tenhoff Engaged

Zeke Tenhoff is Engaged!

Congratulations to our Mad Scientist, Zeke Tenhoff as he made a major announcement on social media, he’s engaged!

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Steve Riedel Cold is Gold

Steve Riedel Was Right: Cold IS Gold

A new look at the now infamous moment when Bering Sea Gold Steve Riedel turned down the divers water temperature. Is Steve really a genius?

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Highbanking for gold

Gold Highbanking: An Ounce a Day Mining the Beaches of Nome

When the weather is too rough to dredge on the Bering Sea what’s a miner to do? Gold Highbanking on the beaches of Nome to help keep gold in their pockets.

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Bering Sea Gold New season preview

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Preview – Fight Edition!

On The Dirt, we breakdown the Bering Sea Gold Season 15 preview fight! Who was fighting who on the dock? We finally see Kris Kelly’s new dredge.

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how miners sell their gold

How Miners Sell Their Gold: 4 Ways

How do miners sell their gold from the Bering Sea? If you’re a miner from Nome, we have 4 different ways to turn that shiny G into cash.

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purity of gold in alaska

Natural (Placer or Nugget) Gold Purity, Explained

Gold from the beaches and sea floor of the Bering Sea is some of the purest in Alaska – one of the few placer deposits that consistently purity above 91.67%,

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Parker Schnabel gold mine

Parker Schnabel Tells You How to Work for Him in Facebook Video

Parker Schnabel of Gold Rush has been giving advice on how to get your start as a miner, and we’re going to sum up those points for you here in our latest guide

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Common Mistakes new gold dredgers make

5 Biggest Mistakes New Gold Dredgers Make in Nome, Alaska

Every season, people come to Nome to mine for gold and fail. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes new gold dredgers make and how to avoid them.

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Shawn Pomrenke Gold Divers 2022

NEXT SEASON: Shawn Pomrenke’s heroic rescue during Bering Sea storm!

Are we going to see another heroic rescue of a boat in danger on this upcoming season of Bering Sea Gold? Is Shawn Pomrenke a superhero?

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Emily Riedel Bering Sea Gold Ice Mining

Why Ice Mining Sucks (according to Emily Riedel)

Here’s what you didn’t know about the ice mining season, the dangers of the job, and why the government stops ice miners on April 15th for their own safety.

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Kris Kelly New Dredge

Did Kris Kelly Quit Gold Diving?

Kris Kelly looks to be building a bucket dredge does this mean he’s given up driving for gold and is going to scoop it up instead?

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