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Tasmanian Prospector's Gold Owned by Government

Tasmania’s Crazy Gold Law: You Can Find It, But The Government Keeps It

In historical gold rushes in the US it was taken for granted that finders are keepers and losers are weepers. If you find the gold, you get to keep it all. But what if you were just collecting gold on behalf of the government? That’s the state of prospecting in Tasmania, an island state of Australia in the South Pacific, thanks to a strange 1995 law.

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Tasmanian Gold Sniping Levi Triffitt

Tasmanian finds $2,000 of gold PER DAY using a bottle and a stick

Levi Triffitt makes his longest trip yet to an untouched Tasmanian creek filled with gold. Why do the best gold prospecting videos keep coming out of Tasmania?

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Rob Parsons Tasmania Gold Sniping $10,000

‘The next two days reshaped what I thought was possible with gold prospecting in Tasmania’ – Rob Parsons Finds $10,000 in Gold in Hours with “Lazy Technique”

In a recent video on Youtube, which received over 125,000 views in just 10 days, Youtuber Rob Parsons finds ounces of gold in Tasmanian river “untouched for over 100 years” in just a few hours using this “lazy technique!”

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Buy gold from Todd Hoffman

Buy Todd Hoffman’s Gold: Exclusive Nuggets from Mammoth Valley

Learn how you can buy exclusive gold and gold nuggets from Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Claim, as featured in the hit show Hoffman Family Gold. Explore the unique offerings available, and uncover the fascinating connection between Todd’s land-based gold and our Bering Sea Paydirt.

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Gold Paydirt You Can Buy on Amazon

Discover the best Gold Paydirt on Amazon as we sift through the options to bring you top-notch choices! Delve into detailed reviews, pros, cons, and real customer insights to find the ideal paydirt for an exhilarating gold panning adventure. Upgrade your treasure hunting game now!

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How to make money with gold

Make Money with Gold: 12 Creative Ways for Prospectors to Cash In

Discover how to make money with gold through 12 creative ways for gold prospectors, including real-life success stories and handy getting started tips. Learn unconventional gold selling methods and ways to profit without selling your gold. See how everyday prospectors turn their passion into a rewarding adventure!

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Different Types of Gold – The Field Guide

Embark on a captivating journey through the world of gold, as we reveal the secrets behind the different types of gold, from tiny flour gold to crystalized gold. This field guide will have you prospecting and identifying gold formations like a true expert. Uncover the fascinating details and easily identify the rarest types of gold.

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how to find gold in the desert

The Complete Guide to Prospecting for Placer Gold in the Desert

Everything you need to know about finding gold in the desert. From what to look for, the tools you’ll need and how to get on the gold!

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Is gold magnetic?

Is Gold Magnetic? How to Use a Magnet to Spot Fake Gold

Unlock the power of diamagnetism and learn how to spot fake gold like a pro with a simple tool. Discover the prospector’s secret weapon in this informative and entertaining article. Get ahead of the game and don’t be fooled again.

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buy sluice box online

The Best Sluice Boxes You Can Get on Amazon in 2023

Looking for the best sluice box on Amazon for your gold prospecting adventures? We list the top-rated options with real user reviews with pros and cons. Find the perfect sluice box for you today

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Lode vs. Placer vs. Alluvial Gold

Lode, Placer, and Alluvial, oh my! Which type of gold should I mine?

Discover the differences between lode and placer gold deposits and the unique characteristics of each. Learn about the tools and techniques used to mine these deposits. Discover which is easier to mine from real gold miners.

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Lost Creek Gold Mine

Slumach’s Lost Mine: The Elusive Cursed Fortune of Pitt Lake

A curse, unsolved mysteries, lost gold, and disappearances in the wilderness – the legend of Slumach’s lost mine has captivated adventurers for over a century. Discover the thrilling tale of this elusive treasure and the seekers who risked it all in search of it.

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new gold rush

Record Rain & Snow Brings a New Gold Rush to the West in 2023

Experts say highly unusual weather will likely make 2023 the most fruitful gold prospecting in the last decade! Learn the secrets of finding gold after flooding with our expert guide.

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10 Places You Can Find BIG Gold Nuggets

10 places where you can find BIG gold nuggets (VIDEO PROOF)

The old timers didn’t find all the gold nuggets. People today are still finding BIG nuggets all over the world. In this list we’ll show you exactly where people are finding them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make the next edition of this list.

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family friendly places where kids can pan for gold

Family Friendly Places to Pan for Gold With Kids

Discover family-friendly places to pan for gold while learning about history! Our article lists the best destinations where kids and adults can experience the thrill of gold prospecting together. Explore these educational and fun activities that will make for an unforgettable family adventure!

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Where is the purest gold in the world found

Where is the purest gold in the world found? This isolated country…

If you can get past the fact that everything wants to kill you, it’s also where you’ll find the purest gold and gold nuggets in the world, with an average purity of around 93-98%. Some legendary nuggets from this country have been known to have a purity of over 99%!

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how is a troy ounce difference from a regular ounce

What is a Troy Ounce?

How much does an ounce of gold really weigh? What’s the difference between an ounce and a troy ounce? Did you know a troy ounce has more grams?

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How to Test the Purity of Gold Nuggets & Placer Gold Dust

How to Test the Purity of Gold Nuggets & Placer Gold Dust

We know that gold found in nature isn’t 100% pure. But the good news is testing the purity of your gold can be cheap, easy and fun. And you can do it right from your home! So in this guide we’re going to give you four ways you can test the purity of your gold. Two of these methods can be done at home, and two can be done with the help of a professional.

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Gold Nugget Purity

How Pure Are Gold Nuggets?

Gold nuggets, also known as placer gold, are never 100% pure. A nugget can be as low as 50% pure gold or as high as 95%. Read our guide!

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Gold Purity Chart

The Only Gold Purity Charts You’ll Ever Need

Are “Karats” different from “Carats” and how pure are common jewelry alloys? What is considered investment-grade gold purity? How pure is the gold found naturally in the ground? And which country has the purest nuggets? These charts are all about gold purity!

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Where to Pan for Gold in Alaska on Your Vacation

19 Places to Pan for Gold in Alaska on Your Vacation (with maps)

Alaska is every prospector’s dream, whether you want a real backcountry mining experience, or to pan gold with a beer and a stunning view. Here are 19 places you can find gold on your next vacation to Alaska, divided into five categories based on the experience you want!

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Nome Gold Rush Story Cover

The Real, Insane Story of the Nome Gold Rush

The Nome Gold Rush was Alaska’s one true gold rush. Like all major gold discoveries, it’s a story of greed, violence, and a few very fortunate men. Unlike other gold rushes, Nome was a poor man’s paradise. A loophole in the local laws and the unique geology meant EVERY MAN had the chance to find gold. It’s still like that today.

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Emily Riedel AKAU 2023 Gold Rush Getaway

Emily Riedel’s Gold Rush Getaway! Summer 2023

We’re inviting 20 people to join us on this all-inclusive trip to Nome, Alaska to mine gold with Emily Riedel at AKAU Gold Camp in the summer of 2023! Prospect gold on historic gold rush claims and get an exclusive tour of the Eroica gold dredge operation! Book fast – there are only a few spots left.

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A Tale of Two Prospectors

A tale of two prospectors

On a beautiful early summer day, high up in the mountains somewhere out West, two prospectors were hunting for gold. They were very alike, these two prospectors. Except one would fill a jar with gold, and one would give up and let his tools collect dust. What made the difference?

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what is placer gold

What is placer gold and how much is it worth?

What is placer gold? Isn’t gold just gold? Placer gold is the type of gold you see them mining for on popular tv shows and is different from lode gold.

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Bering Sea Paydirt Prices

We’re lowering our prices, permanently

We think it’s the perfect time to give the success you’ve given us – back to you.

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How did gold get into the Bering Sea?

Why is there gold in the Bering Sea?

Everyone has a theory as to how gold made its way into the Bering Sea. We assembled the most likely and most outrageous ones for you!

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Melting Gold into Bars TIG Welder

Melting Gold into Bars with a TIG Welder

We experimented and found out that yes, we can in fact make our own gold bars with a TIG welder. Here’s how you can, too.

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9 Spots You Can Still Pan Gold in the American River with Map

9 Spots to Pan Gold Near Sacramento in the American River (map)

9 places you can go panning in the American River with images, maps, and reviews from the community. No claim or permissions needed!

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Kris Kelly Excavator Dredge Mistress

Man Mines Kris Kelly’s Mistress, Makes Gold

Kris Kelly’s The Mistress vs Shawn Pomrenke’s Myrtle Irene – Who has more gold on their deck? Bryan Wilder, from American Gold Prospectors and Diver for Vernon Adkison, finds out!

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tools to find gold

Strike Gold with These 12 Gifts for Prospectors

The best gifts for gold prospectors and gold miners. Not sure what to get the gold prospector or anyone who loves gold? Our guide will help you get them the perfect gift that they’ll love.

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20 Rivers with Gold Where You Can Go Panning in North America

20 Rivers With Gold Where You Can Go Panning in North America (With Maps)

There are rivers with gold all over the country. Here’s a list of 20 where you can go pan some for yourself – with maps and videos for proof!

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Emily Riedel Alaska Gold Diver Dredge

Emily Riedel’s Guide to Building a Bering Sea Gold Diver Dredge

So you want to go to Nome and build a diver-operated suction dredge? Congratulations, you’re our kind of crazy. Here are the basics you need to pull hundreds of ounces of gold a year off the ocean floor.

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Is gold paydirt worth it?

Is gold paydirt worth it? (5 reasons it is, 2 reasons it’s not)

After talking to hundreds of customers and testing different offers, I can confidently give you five reasons gold paydirt IS worth buying, and two reasons it is NOT.

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finding nuggets gold sniping underwater

Gold Sniping: How to Find Gold Nuggets Underwater

Instead of focusing on bigger machines moving more dirt, the gold sniper finds individual nuggets, like a marksman. Here’s how you can do it!

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The Ultimate Gold Prospecting Guide – How to Find Gold Like a Pro

Want to know how to find gold? Our Ultimate Guide to Gold Prospecting will help you with how to find gold, what equipment you need and everything else to get you on your gold prospecting journey.

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Real Gold Paydirt from the Bering Sea

How to Find the Right Gold Paydirt for You

Real gold paydirt is a fun way to prospect at home! But watch out, because not all gold paydirt sold online is a good deal. Before you buy that bag, know what to expect.

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Highbanking for gold

Gold Highbanking: An Ounce a Day Mining the Beaches of Nome

When the weather is too rough to dredge on the Bering Sea what’s a miner to do? Gold Highbanking on the beaches of Nome to help keep gold in their pockets.

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How to get a dredge ready to gold mine

The Most Important Part of Dredging You Never See on Bering Sea Gold: Pre-season

May is Gold Dredging Pre-Season. Find out what goes into getting a gold dredge ready for the summer, there is a lot to do before the dredge goes in the water.

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Where do Gold Rush miners sell their gold?

Where do gold miners (like the guys from Gold Rush) sell their gold?

As gold miners ourselves, we can tell you the three main ways gold diggers like us sell their gold. Usually it’s a question of how much do they need cash and how honest they want to be. Speaking of, don’t tell the IRS about #1…

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Parker Schnabel gold mine

Parker Schnabel Tells You How to Work for Him in Facebook Video

Parker Schnabel of Gold Rush has been giving advice on how to get your start as a miner, and we’re going to sum up those points for you here in our latest guide

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Nome Gold Leases for Sale

Vernon Adkison Dominated the 2020 Offshore Lease Auction – Is He Trying to Buy Up All the Offshore Gold in Nome?

Vernon Adkison dominated the 2020 offshore gold lease auction by buying 8 of the 11 leases for sale – winning by a HUGE margin. But why didn’t he buy them all?

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Common Mistakes new gold dredgers make

5 Biggest Mistakes New Gold Dredgers Make in Nome, Alaska

Every season, people come to Nome to mine for gold and fail. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes new gold dredgers make and how to avoid them.

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Emily Riedel Finding Gold

Finding Gold in the Bering Sea: Emily’s Prospecting Strategies on Lease 14

We want to teach you everything we know about finding gold offshore in Nome. Here are Emily Riedel’s strategies for prospecting on lease 14.

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how to get a job as a gold diver

How to Get a Job as a Bering Sea Gold Diver: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wondered how to get a job as a Bering Sea Gold diver? This is our complete how-to guide detailing the pay, lifestyle, dangers, skills needed, and more…

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Sluice Box cleanup

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cleaning the Sluice Box

All your questions about cleaning the sluice box answered: How often do you clean the box? How long does it take? And how do you stop people from stealing gold?

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Gold Leases Claims in Nome

Who owns the offshore gold mining claims in Nome that they dredge in Bering Sea Gold?

People often wonder who owns all the offshore gold mining claims featured in Bering Sea Gold? The answer might surprise you. Here’s your definitive guide.

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