Whether you’re new to gold prospecting or experienced, everyone can learn something new about finding and recovering gold.

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20 Rivers with Gold Where You Can Go Panning in North America

20 Rivers With Gold Where You Can Go Panning in North America (With Maps)

There are rivers with gold all over the country. Here’s a list of 20 where you can go pan some for yourself – with maps and videos for proof!

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Emily Riedel Alaska Gold Diver Dredge

Emily Riedel’s Guide to Building a Bering Sea Gold Diver Dredge

So you want to go to Nome and build a diver-operated suction dredge? Congratulations, you’re our kind of crazy. Here are the basics you need to pull hundreds of ounces of gold a year off the ocean floor.

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Is gold paydirt worth it?

Is gold paydirt worth it? (5 reasons it is, 2 reasons it’s not)

After talking to hundreds of customers and testing different offers, I can confidently give you five reasons gold paydirt IS worth buying, and two reasons it is NOT.

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finding nuggets gold sniping underwater

Gold Sniping: How to Find Gold Nuggets Underwater

Instead of focusing on bigger machines moving more dirt, the gold sniper finds individual nuggets, like a marksman. Here’s how you can do it!

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The Ultimate Gold Prospecting Guide – How to Find Gold Like a Pro

Want to know how to find gold? Our Ultimate Guide to Gold Prospecting will help you with how to find gold, what equipment you need and everything else to get you on your gold prospecting journey.

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Real Gold Paydirt from the Bering Sea

How to Find the Right Gold Paydirt for You

Real gold paydirt is a fun way to prospect at home! But watch out, because not all gold paydirt sold online is a good deal. Before you buy that bag, know what to expect.

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Highbanking for gold

Gold Highbanking: An Ounce a Day Mining the Beaches of Nome

When the weather is too rough to dredge on the Bering Sea what’s a miner to do? Gold Highbanking on the beaches of Nome to help keep gold in their pockets.

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How to get a dredge ready to gold mine

The Most Important Part of Dredging You Never See on Bering Sea Gold: Pre-season

May is Gold Dredging Pre-Season. Find out what goes into getting a gold dredge ready for the summer, there is a lot to do before the dredge goes in the water.

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how miners sell their gold

How Miners Sell Their Gold: 4 Ways

How do miners sell their gold from the Bering Sea? If you’re a miner from Nome, we have 4 different ways to turn that shiny G into cash.

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purity of gold in alaska

Natural (Placer or Nugget) Gold Purity, Explained

Gold from the beaches and sea floor of the Bering Sea is some of the purest in Alaska – one of the few placer deposits that consistently purity above 91.67%,

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Parker Schnabel gold mine

Parker Schnabel Tells You How to Work for Him in Facebook Video

Parker Schnabel of Gold Rush has been giving advice on how to get your start as a miner, and we’re going to sum up those points for you here in our latest guide

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Nome Gold Leases for Sale

Vernon Adkison Dominated the 2020 Offshore Lease Auction – Is He Trying to Buy Up All the Offshore Gold in Nome?

Vernon Adkison dominated the 2020 offshore gold lease auction by buying 8 of the 11 leases for sale – winning by a HUGE margin. But why didn’t he buy them all?

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Common Mistakes new gold dredgers make

5 Biggest Mistakes New Gold Dredgers Make in Nome, Alaska

Every season, people come to Nome to mine for gold and fail. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes new gold dredgers make and how to avoid them.

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Emily Riedel Finding Gold

Finding Gold in the Bering Sea: Emily’s Prospecting Strategies on Lease 14

We want to teach you everything we know about finding gold offshore in Nome. Here are Emily Riedel’s strategies for prospecting on lease 14.

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how to get a job as a gold diver

How to Get a Job as a Bering Sea Gold Diver: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wondered how to get a job as a Bering Sea Gold diver? This is our complete how-to guide detailing the pay, lifestyle, dangers, skills needed, and more…

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Sluice Box cleanup

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cleaning the Sluice Box

All your questions about cleaning the sluice box answered: How often do you clean the box? How long does it take? And how do you stop people from stealing gold?

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Gold Leases Claims in Nome

Who owns the offshore gold mining claims in Nome that they dredge in Bering Sea Gold?

People often wonder who owns all the offshore gold mining claims featured in Bering Sea Gold? The answer might surprise you. Here’s your definitive guide.

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