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If you’re yearning for a modern-day treasure hunt with all the excitement of panning for gold without leaving your home, gold paydirt is just the ticket. With so many options on Amazon, it’s hard to separate the fool’s gold from the real deal. But don’t fret, we’re here to guide you through the pros, cons, and unique features of the best gold paydirt options available on Amazon.

Klesh Gold Strike Paydirt: The Goldilocks of Gold Paydirt

Enter the captivating realm of gold panning with Klesh Gold Strike Paydirt, a standout product inspired by the creator of the “Gold Prospecting at Home” YouTube series. With an impressive 4.6-star rating from 58 reviews, this paydirt expertly combines the thrill of discovery with an ideal level of challenge for gold enthusiasts of all stripes.

Klesh Gold Strike Paydirt is like that perfectly cooked bowl of porridge Goldilocks stumbled upon – it offers just the right level of challenge and excitement for gold enthusiasts of all skill levels. From the creator of the “Gold Prospecting at Home” YouTube series, this paydirt has earned an impressive 4.6-star rating from 58 reviews.

Gold Paydirt Klesh Amazon


  • 100% Real Colorado Placer Gold
  • Minimum guaranteed gold amount
  • 7 difficulty levels catering to both beginners and seasoned prospectors
  • Potential “Bonus Bags” with even more gold and a gold nugget


  • 7/10 difficulty might be challenging for absolute beginners
  • Randomized gold content could be hit-or-miss for some
Klesh Paydirt Amazon

My Two Cents: Klesh Gold Strike Paydirt is like a Swiss Army knife for gold panning adventures, versatile enough for rookies and pros alike. The varying gold sizes (+12 mesh pickers to -30 mesh flakes and flour gold) offer an engaging experience regardless of your skill level.

Sluiceboy Gold Paydirt 1 Lb Bag: Gold Panning’s Answer to a Box of Chocolates

Remember that famous quote from Forrest Gump about life being like a box of chocolates? Well, Sluiceboy Gold Paydirt’s 1 Lb Bag is the gold panning equivalent! With a solid 4.1-star rating from 128 reviews, this paydirt provides a fun and rewarding experience that keeps you guessing what you’ll find with each scoop.

Sluiceboy 1lb bag of gold paydirt on Amazon


  • Each bag contains 1lb of Gold-Bearing Paydirt
  • Guaranteed 0.2g+ of raw, natural gold
  • Comes with a 3mL Glass Vial & Sluiceboy’s “Gold Panning Tips”
  • “Lucky Bag” opportunity with 40-50% more gold


  • Mostly fine gold, may not be ideal for those seeking larger nuggets
  • The randomized “Lucky Bag” concept may be a hit-or-miss for some
Sluiceboy gold paydirt on Amazon review

My Two Cents: Sluiceboy Gold Paydirt 1 Lb Bag is like opening a box of chocolates for beginners and intermediate gold panners – you never know what you’re gonna get! The mostly fine gold content helps prospectors refine their panning techniques, while the “Lucky Bag” concept adds an extra layer of excitement. So, go ahead, dig into this chocolate box of gold paydirt and see what surprises await.

Gold Krums Mini Paydirt: The Gold Panning Micro-Adventure You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sometimes, the smallest things pack the biggest punch – and that’s where Gold Krums Mini Paydirt comes in. This pocket-sized gold panning adventure has earned an impressive 4.2-star rating from 152 reviews, proving that good things truly come in small packages.

Klesh Gold Paydirt


  • 100% Real Colorado Placer and Lode Mining Concentrates and Ore
  • Guaranteed minimum of 0.14 grams of gold
  • 2/10 difficulty level, perfect for beginners
  • Random “Bonus Bags” with extra gold and nuggets


  • Smaller bag size may not satisfy more experienced gold panners
  • Gold size may vary greatly, making it less predictable
Gold Krums Mini Paydirt review

My Two Cents: Gold Krums Mini Paydirt is like a fun-sized candy bar for gold panning enthusiasts, offering a quick and enjoyable gold panning experience. The 1-ounce bag has an easy 2/10 difficulty level, making it a stress-free treasure hunt for beginners and intermediate gold panners. Gold sizes range from +12 mesh pickers to -30 mesh flakes, with any super fine flour gold coming directly from Clear Creek, Colorado. And keep an eye out for those “Bonus Bags” – they’re like a surprise party in a bag, packed with extra gold and maybe even a nugget or two.

2 lb California Motherlode Gold Paydirt Bonanza Bag: Unearthing the Spirit of the California Gold Rush

The 2 lb California Motherlode Gold Paydirt Bonanza Bag is like a time machine that transports you to the heart of the Californian Gold Rush without ever leaving your backyard. With a 4.1-star rating from 102 reviews, this unique paydirt from Mike’s Gold Paydirt offers a diverse treasure hunt that includes gold, silver, and even platinum.

California Gold Paydirt Amazon


  • Comes from the Ore-rich Mother-Lode Gold Belt in California
  • 2 lb bag for a more substantial gold panning experience
  • Contains gold, silver, and platinum
  • 100% unsearched paydirt


  • No guaranteed minimum amount of gold, silver, or platinum
  • Doesn’t say how difficult it is to pan or the size of the gold, silver or platinum
California 2 pound bag of gold paydirt Amazon

My Two Cents: The 2 lb California Motherlode Gold Paydirt Bonanza Bag is perfect for those intermediate gold enthusiasts who crave variety and a taste of the California Gold Rush. While there’s no guarantee on the amount of gold, silver, or platinum in each bag, the excitement lies in the hunt, the adventure, and the unexpected discoveries. If you like the true gold prospecting experience with never knowing how much color you’re going to see in your pan, than this is for you.

Flash in the Pan Paydirt: Striking Gold with a Treasure Trove of Hidden Riches

Flash in the Pan Paydirt truly brings the excitement of gold panning to your backyard. With a 4.7-star rating from 26 satisfied reviews, this paydirt hails from gold-bearing claims in California, Wyoming, Oregon, and Nevada.

Gold Paydirt over 1 gram of gold Flash in the Pan Amazon


  • Unsearched material, not previously sluiced or panned
  • 1 & 1/3 gram guaranteed natural placer gold, with extra added for fun
  • Bonus silver and gemstones included
  • Intermediate difficulty level to challenge your panning skills
  • Highly competitive pricing


  • May not be suitable for absolute beginners
  • Limited information on the specific sources of paydirt
Gold paydirt on Amazon Flash in the pan

My Two Cents: Flash in the Pan Paydirt is a gold-panning treasure that caters to intermediate gold panners seeking an exciting challenge and a high return on investment. With unsearched material and a guaranteed minimum amount of gold, you’ll feel like a true prospector as you uncover hidden riches. The added bonus of silver and gemstones brings an extra layer of excitement to your gold panning adventures. All the reviews for this paydirt where overwhelmingly positive except for one that didn’t seem to understand gold purity.

Goldn Gold Paydirt Eureka: Digging into the Rich History of the East Coast Gold Rush

Goldn Gold Paydirt Eureka takes you on a thrilling gold panning expedition, reminiscent of the excitement from the first US Gold Rush on the East Coast. With a 3.7 rating from 3,326 reviews, this panning paydirt offers a captivating gold prospecting experience, transporting you back in time to when the old-timers left behind a wealth of gold just waiting to be discovered.

Buy Gold Paydirt online


  • Guaranteed gold in every factory-sealed bag
  • Sourced from the historic gold belt in Virginia
  • 1 in 3 bags is a Motherlode Bag, with 2-5x bonus added gold
  • Gold concentrate may include nuggets, pickers, flakes, and fines
  • Goldn Paydirt works directly with miners for the best offerings


  • Gold amounts are varied and random, making it hard to predict the outcome
  • May not suit those who prefer a more structured panning experience
Goldn Gold Paydirt on Amazon review

My Two Cents: Goldn Gold Paydirt Eureka is a great choice for gold prospectors who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the element of surprise. As you embark on this treasure-seeking expedition, you’ll be enticed by the allure of gold nuggets, pickers, flakes, and fines. With a 1 in 3 chance of landing a Motherlode Bag containing up to half a gram of gold, the anticipation builds, and the excitement is undeniable.

Goldn Paydirt ensures that every bag contains gold from active mines and claims all over North America, collaborating directly with miners to bring you their finest offerings.

Mammoth Gold Paydirt ‘The Nugget’: Unearthing the Hidden Riches of the Gold Rush Era

Set out on a gold treasure hunting expedition with Mammoth Gold Paydirt ‘The Nugget’, where you’ll delve into the fascinating world of gold panning and uncover the hidden bounties of the Gold Rush era. With a 3.5 rating from 526 reviews, this panning paydirt bag guarantees a captivating adventure as you sift through natural gold deposits with friends and family, all while learning about the enthralling history of gold prospecting.

Mammoth Gold Paydirt for sale on Amazon


  • Guaranteed gold in every factory-sealed, tamper-proof bag
  • Offers an engaging and educational gold treasure hunting experience
  • Bags contain various gold types, including nuggets, pickers, and flakes
  • Chance to find the elusive “Motherlode” Bag with 2-5x bonus added gold
  • Gold Paydirt composed of natural, random geological occurring rocks and minerals


  • Gold content and size may be unpredictable
  • Not suitable for those seeking a more consistent gold panning experience
Mammoth Gold Paydirt the Nugget gold review

My Two Cents: Mammoth Gold Paydirt ‘The Nugget’ caters to those who relish the excitement of gold panning and treasure hunting while diving deep into the rich history of the Gold Rush. With each purchase, you’ll receive a generous scoop of factory-sealed Gold Paydirt from an active gold mine, containing both naturally occurring gold and added gold to ensure a gratifying panning experience.

For the ambitious treasure hunters, the allure of discovering the “Motherlode” Bag offers an exhilarating challenge. These rare bags contain 2-5x bonus added gold, making them a valuable find for any gold prospector.

Jackpot Gold & Precious Gem Paydirt: Unveiling Golden Treasures and Dazzling Gems

Embark on a mesmerizing gold panning adventure with Jackpot Gold & Precious Gem Paydirt, where you’ll not only unearth hidden gold but also glistening faceted gems. Holding a 3.7 rating from 211 reviews, this gold prospecting concentrate presents a remarkable treasure hunting experience as you sift through paydirt sourced from the historic Gold Belt of Virginia.

Jackpot gold and gem pay dirt on Amazon


  • Guaranteed gold and faceted gems in every tamper-proof bag
  • Approximately 2 to 3 oz. of gold panning paydirt from historic gold belt
  • Discover gold nuggets/pickers, gold flakes/fines, and multiple faceted gems per bag
  • Exciting “Motherlode Bags” with 2-5x bonus added gold; 1 in 3 bags is a “Motherlode Bag”
  • Sourced directly from trusted American suppliers and hard-working US gold miners


  • Gold content and size may be unpredictable
  • Gem variety and amount may vary between bags
Jackpot gold and Gem paydirt review

My Two Cents: Jackpot Gold & Precious Gem Paydirt offers a thrilling gold panning experience that elevates treasure hunting to new heights. Alongside the excitement of uncovering gold nuggets, pickers, flakes, and fines, you may also find up to 4-15 faceted gems per bag, such as amethyst, emerald, garnet, peridot, ruby, agate, and more.

Each bag of paydirt contains approximately 2 to 3 ounces of classified (concentrated) material for your panning pleasure, and is factory heat-sealed to ensure the highest quality. Naturally occurring gold is complemented by added gold from active gold mines and claims all over North America.

Mystery Paydirt: The Highest ROI

Bering Sea Paydirt Bundle – Eroica Paydirt and Diver Dirt – A Gold-Panning Adventure Straight from the Bering Sea with the Highest ROI

Elevate your gold panning experience with this incredible Bering Sea Paydirt Bundle, featuring the Eroica Paydirt and Diver Dirt. Straight from the Bering Sea and dredged by Emily Riedel and her crew on the M/V Eroica, this bundle offers a unique gold panning opportunity for fans of the show or anyone seeking a memorable gold prospecting experience. Plus, with its discounted price, this bundle has the highest return on investment (ROI) of any paydirt on the list! Exclusive to, you won’t find this bundle on Amazon like the other paydirt options on this list.

Emily Riedel's gold paydirt


  • Save on the bundle, which includes both Eroica Paydirt and Diver Dirt
  • Highest ROI among the paydirt options on the list
  • Guaranteed 3 grams of real Bering Sea gold (2g in Eroica Paydirt, 1g in Diver Dirt)
  • Certified dredged by Emily Riedel and crew on the M/V Eroica
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity, glass vial, Bering Sea Paydirt logo vinyl decal, and another 4″ decal
  • Over 100 5 Star Reviews
  • Gold pieces are larger than 30 mesh for a more enjoyable panning experience
  • Available exclusively on, not on Amazon


  • Gold is mostly fine, with occasional “pickers” and larger pieces
  • May not be suitable for those looking for consistently larger gold pieces
Buy gold paydirt from Emily Riedel Bering Sea Gold

My Two Cents: The Bering Sea Paydirt Bundle is a fantastic choice for gold prospecting enthusiasts, especially fans of Bering Sea Gold. With a guaranteed 3 grams of real Bering Sea gold and the unique experience of panning minerals dredged by the Eroica crew, this bundle is truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, the discounted price means you’ll enjoy the highest ROI of any paydirt on our list. Exclusively available on, you won’t find this amazing bundle on Amazon. Whether you’re panning as you watch the show or sharing the adventure with friends and family, the Bering Sea Paydirt Bundle is sure to bring excitement and fun to your gold panning endeavors. So, why not dive into this Bering Sea treasure and see what golden riches await?

So, there you have it, friends! We’ve sifted through some of the best gold paydirt bags available on Amazon, each offering its unique treasure hunting experience. From guaranteed gold to the allure of sparkling gems, these paydirt bags cater to a wide range of prospectors and thrill-seekers. And then saved the best for last with our exclusive Paydirt Bundle.

Whether you’re a seasoned panner or just beginning to explore the world of gold prospecting, these paydirt bags will surely provide hours of excitement and entertainment. So why not grab your pan, gather your friends or family, and embark on an unforgettable gold panning adventure together? You never know what hidden riches you might uncover, and the thrill of the chase is what makes it all worthwhile.

Have you tried any of these gold paydirt bags from Amazon? If so, what are you thoughts? What is your favorite gold paydirt? Let us know in the comments below!

Buy gold from your favorite (obviously) Bering Sea Gold cast member!

Buy real gold straight from the Bering Sea via the Eroica’s sluice box.

We know where it’s from, because we sucked it up the nozzle ourselves.

Real Bering Sea Gold Paydirt from Emily Riedel Eroica
Eroica Paydirt Review

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