Strike Gold with These 12 Gifts for Prospectors

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We all have that one person that is hard to buy for. When you ask them for ideas, they say there isn’t anything they need. For my family it’s my dad. Every year the poor man ends up with socks, underwear and t-shirts from me and my siblings.

One year my sister got adventurous and got him a burrito blanket. My parents’ cat has been using it as a bed for the last 4 years. My mom told us this Christmas we had to get him something else because there wasn’t any more room is his dresser drawers. This sent us kids scrambling trying to figure out what to get him.

There is one thing my dad likes: gold.

And if you’re here you probably have someone in your life that loves the thrill of prospecting for gold, too.

We put this guide together to help you win Christmas, or Hannukah or whatever you’re celebrating with not only the hard to buy for person in your life but for anyone in your life who loves prospecting for gold.

Eroica Paydirt

Real Bering Sea Gold Paydirt from Emily Riedel Eroica

For the Gold Prospector Who’s a Bering Sea Gold Fan
Eroica Paydirt has 2 grams of guaranteed gold and is perfect for the gold prospector who might not want to brave the dangerous, ice-cold water of the Bering Sea or the expense of building their own dredge. This paydirt was mined by Emily Riedel and the crew from Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold. It even comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Emily Riedel, Captain of the Eroica!

Diver Dirt

Guaranteed Gold Paydirt

For the Gold Prospector Who Wants to Be a Gold Diver
Diver Dirt has 1 Gram of gold guaranteed in every bag! This is perfect for that gold miner in your life that wants to pan even in the off season from the comfort of their own home. No need to deal with the snow and cold in Nome to get that shiny G from the Bering Sea which has some of the highest gold purity in the world!

Real Bering Sea Gold by the Gram

Buy Gold by the gram

For the Busy Gold Prospector Who Doesn’t Want to Spend Time Panning
Sometimes people don’t want to pan their own gold paydirt and just wants to get right to the good stuff: that shiny, chunky gold. Our Gold by the Gram comes from the Bering Sea, already cleaned for you. If only it came that way naturally! There’s a good chance it was personally panned by Emily Riedel, Jane Kilcher or Alex!

‘Be a Gold Miner’ Hoodie

Bering Sea Gold Hoodie

For That Gold Prospector Who’s Always Cold
“Adventurous, Independent, Unemployable” show the gold miner in your life that you really, truly “get” them with this durable hoodie with air-jet spun yarn for a soft feel and reduced pilling. This hoodie will keep them warm on the deck of a dredge or hiking through the woods, looking for their next hotspot in the river.

The Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector

Metal Detector to find gold

For the Gold Prospector Who Wants to Take Some of the Guess Work Out of Finding Gold
Most of the time it can be a real pain to find gold, get the prospector in your life this sweet metal detector, the Minelab GPX 5000, to make it easier for them. This is the newer version of the GPX 4500, the one 2 New Zealanders used to find that Monster 3.98ozt Nugget! For those rare occasions when they’re not looking for gold, this will help them find all kinds of treasure!

Coiltek 10 x 5″ Mono Goldhunting Search Coil

Minelab gold attachment coil

For the Gold Prospector Who Already has a Metal Detector and Wants to Level Up
If your favorite prospector already has a metal detector get them this waterproof Goldhunting Search Coil to help them level up their gold detecting game. It will help them find the smallest flecks of gold in a dry riverbed or the finest placer gold in the river. This is compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors.

Garrett DELUXE Gold Pan Kit

Best Gold Panning Kit

For the Gold Prospector Who Likes Options When Panning
This panning kit from Garrett has everything a gold prospector could need to get the gold from the gravel, sand and other heavy metals. It comes with a 15in Super Sluice Pan, 14in Prospector Pan, 10in Backpacker Pan, Classifier, Gold Guzzler bottle, 2 gold vials and tweezers.

15in Supersluice Gold Pan

Best Gold Pan for Pay dirt

For the Gold Prospector Who Only Needs a Good Gold Pan
This lightweight and virtually indestructible gold pan might be the only pan your prospector needs for panning gold paydirt. This Garrett Gravity Trap Pan with 90-degree riffle design ensures rapid gold recovery in wet or dry conditions.

10.5in Stansport Professional Gold Pan

Black Gold Pan

For the Prospector Who Loves to Clean Gold
This black gold pan is great for the Prospector who wants a good, inexpensive gold pan at home to fine clean gold paydirt. Emily and her team use this pan to put the finishing touches on their clean ups in Nome!

Gold Prospecting Tools

tools for gold prospecting

For the Prospector That is Always Losing Their Tools
Snuffer Bottles, Crevice Tools and Rock Prybars are easy to lose. They often get set down and forgotten about in the heat of the moment or fall into rivers, never to be seen again.

When it comes to Snuffer Bottles, the Garrett Gold Guzzler Bottle is the best there is.

This 6 Piece Crevice Tool Set will help make sure your miner can get to every little fleck of gold trapped in those tiny crevices that gold loves to hide in.

The Estwing Rock Hammer and Gad Pry Bar are the number one choice for prospectors, rockhounds and geologists for opening up those cracks to get to the gold.  Stock up on all or any of these for your favorite prospector, they’ll definitely get use.

Gold Sniping Equipment

tools for sniping gold underwater

For the Gold Prospector Who Likes to Get Wet
If your gold prospector is into gold sniping then these are the perfect gifts to help them find that gold underwater in shallow lakes and rivers.

There’s a lot of snorkeling masks out there but the Scubapro Trinidad Adult Diving Mask/Snorkel Combo is a brand we trust for quality, there’s nothing worse than a mask that leaks.

These 7mm Aqualung Booties will help protect their feet from the sharp river rocks while these 5mm Divestar Gloves will let them move rocks, brush away debris and offer flexibility to use their crevice tools underwater to get to that gold.

Maxus Digital Milligram Scale

gold scale troy ounce

For Every Gold Prospector to Weigh Their Gold
It’s all well and good to get the Gold Prospector in your life anything on this list but one of the most important things they’ll need is an accurate scale to weight all their gold so they can brag about the weight of that nugget they found. This digital scale goes up to 5kg for when you find that honey hole loaded with gold!

That’s our list of to help you strike gold this holiday season with your favorite gold prospector with gifts they’ll love, use and probably won’t end up as a cat bed. Happy Shopping!  

Real Gold by Emily Riedel from Bering Sea Gold

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