Everything We Know about Bering Sea Gold Season 16

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February 25, 2023

Get ready to feel the freeze, Bering Sea Gold fans! Bering Sea Gold Season 15 barely finished airing and already people are asking ‘When is Bering Sea Gold Season 16 going to air?’

Bering Sea Gold Season 16 is an ice mining season that was filmed during the late winter & early spring (February-April) of 2022.

This intense ice mining season saw conditions that were some of the toughest the miners had ever encountered. The choppy and unpredictable ice made for a wild and challenging ride, testing the miners’ skills and pushing them to their limits. With the odds stacked against them, the miners faced incredible risks to get on the the gold beneath the ice.

Fans can expect to see some familiar faces, as well as some new miners looking to strike it rich. The season will be filled with heart-pumping action, nail-biting suspense, and drama, making it a must-watch for fans of the show.

Watch this page as we’ll be updating it as we get more information.

When was Bering Sea Gold Season 16 filmed?

The next season of Bering Sea Gold will be the ice season that was filmed between February and April 2022.

Who will be in Bering Sea Gold Season 16?

Fans of Bering Sea Gold will be excited to know that most of the regular cast members will be returning for Season 16. According to the preview clip, viewers can expect to see familiar faces such as Shawn Pomrenke, Vernon Adkison, Zeke Tenhoff, Kris Kelly, Andy Kelly, and Jane Kilcher.

In addition to these returning cast members, the preview also revealed two exciting surprises. First, Chris McCully will be joining the cast as a main character. He’s determined to prove to his father that he can mine for gold under the ice on his own.

The second surprise is the return of Steve Riedel, who hasn’t been on the show for a while. At the end of the preview clip, we see Steve asking Vernon if he needs to go to the hospital while people are running over to help. It sounds like Vernon may be having a medical issue!

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Is Emily Riedel in Season 16 of Bering Sea Gold with her baby?

This was filmed between February and April 2022 when Emily was very pregnant and then giving birth to her daughter. She is going to be in the season, but not in her usual capacity.

When will Season 16 of Bering Sea Gold air?

No air date has been confirmed yet. We do know it’s in editing and the cast interviews have been filmed. Usually there was about a 6 month wait between seasons but given we had to wait a year between Season 14 and Season 15, it’s hard to predict when Discovery will air Bering Sea Gold Season 16.

In the past we could look toward a spring or summer release for the ice mining season though Discovery hasn’t confirmed that yet. We’ll update this when we get more information.

What do we know will happen in Season 16 of Bering Sea Gold?

While we don’t know much about what will happen in Season 16, the preview clip gives us a glimpse of the challenges that the miners will face.

Shawn Pomrenke and Vernon Adkison are seen complaining about the bad ice conditions, and Zeke Tenhoff remarks that it looks dangerous as he’s diving under the ice.

Meanwhile, Kris Kelly and Andy Kelly are launching some kind of underwater crawler, and Jane Kilcher is back on Team Eroica alongside another familiar face.

With the return of Steve Riedel and the addition of Chris McCully, it’s clear that Season 16 will feature some new storylines and dynamics among the cast. And with Vernon’s health scare at the end of the clip, it’s anyone’s guess what other surprises and obstacles await the miners.

One thing is for sure: the search for gold in the Bering Sea is never easy, and the miners will have to work harder than ever before to succeed.

As always, keep checking back for updates on Bering Sea Gold Season 16. We’ll be sure to keep you informed with all the latest news and developments as we learn more.

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7 thoughts on “Everything We Know about Bering Sea Gold Season 16”

  1. season 15 was not finished properly?we didnt get gold totals plus the boat that was in distress not shown.whats going on with the editing team?

    • Bearing Sea Gold is highly watched . So why do they drag their feet every season on when they will release the new season. Why do they leave their viewers in such high suspense on when we get to watch our Super Stars find gold in the Bearing Sea. Let’s get with the program and give us a release date for season 16.

  2. Shaun owns a kart of the tomcod claim, but so do others, Chris Kelly had mining rights through them and will have had to pay royalties, he was mining under Chris McCullly’s claim through his Dad I think?

    Emily has written an article explaining it and ‘grandfather rights’.

  3. Chris Mccully in my opinion is a complete annoying narcissist!! He talks like is the best dredge diver in the world when in reality if you watch everytime he boasts about how great he is and the operation is built from scratch (by the way he did no design or work on his boat!) if something breaks or goes wrong then blames it on everyone else and gives up and goes in or calls for help! I used to love this show I am a divemaster and I have dredged before and it’s not that hard to begin with but now having to try to watch him and his narcissistic ways make me not want to watch anymore. Seriously I can’t stand this little young punk and how he treats people. Instead of his dad teaching him mining should have taught him some manners!
    His biggest mistake is diving without a tender up top. That is utterly stupid especially diving via snuba! Discovery also is making a mistake legally by showing him doing it. Also I believe that diving snuba solo with no topside tender even though there is no scuba police but there is the USCG and I don’t think they would take kindly to what goes on aboard the Vessel being operated by Chris McCully. He is a danger to himself and anyone around him.

  4. Au Grabber dredge name

    Kris Kelly does not seem aware of the fact that the name of his cannibalized dredge, the Au Grabber, is a play on words. Chemically speaking, Gold is element 79 and its symbol is Au, thus Au Grabber means «Gold Grabber» 🙂


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