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Emily Riedel Jane Kilcher Friendship

Why is Jane Kilcher on Bering Sea Gold? (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JANE)

We were just two small town Alaskan girls on Discovery shows. Then I met Jane. Now? We’re still that, but, like, we hang out a lot more.

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Who owns the Tomcod Claim? 2022

Who owns the Tomcod Claim in Bering Sea Gold?

And why doesn’t Shawn Pomrenke just kick Kris Kelly off “his” claim? Well, it isn’t that simple…

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Emily Riedel Alaska Gold Diver Dredge

Emily Riedel’s Guide to Building a Bering Sea Gold Diver Dredge

So you want to go to Nome and build a diver-operated suction dredge? Congratulations, you’re our kind of crazy. Here are the basics you need to pull hundreds of ounces of gold a year off the ocean floor.

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How to get a dredge ready to gold mine

The Most Important Part of Dredging You Never See on Bering Sea Gold: Pre-season

May is Gold Dredging Pre-Season. Find out what goes into getting a gold dredge ready for the summer, there is a lot to do before the dredge goes in the water.

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Emily Riedel family

My Official Baby Announcement by Emily Riedel

Announcing the birth of Emily Riedel and husband, Alex Trokey’s baby girl Evelyn

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Emily Riedel Finding Gold

Finding Gold in the Bering Sea: Emily’s Prospecting Strategies on Lease 14

We want to teach you everything we know about finding gold offshore in Nome. Here are Emily Riedel’s strategies for prospecting on lease 14.

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Guaranteed 1 gram of Gold Pay dirt

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