Did Kris Kelly Quit Gold Diving?

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Is new father and Captain of the Reaper, Kris Kelly, hanging up his scuba mask and giving up on gold diving? It appears he might be. Anyone who’s been following Kris on social media has seen the pictures he’s been posting of his next big idea in his quest to start a Kelly Empire. He’s been working hard in the off season to unleash a new beast on the Bering Sea, his very own excavator barge with what looks like a clamshell bucket instead of the traditional excavator bucket. Could that be the Kelly Clan’s secret weapon next season? Will we see it when Bering Sea Gold Season 15 comes out?

It appears after his time spent working on the Mistress at the end of last summer he’s realized that there is a lot more gold to be made with a bucket than with a hose. Over the years we’ve all watched the Kelly’s different schemes fail to varying degrees and hope Kris is finally onto a winner.

kris kelly clamshell dredge

Hailing from Hawaii, the Kelly’s left the sunny beaches to try their luck gold mining in the often frigid cold of Nome, Alaska. Starting out their mining careers working for Steve Riedel could arguably be considered their first mistake but far from their last. It was a partnership that didn’t last long. They soon parted ways with Steve and got their hands on their very own suction dredge.

After numerous bust ups and dust ups, the Kelly’s have never stopped trying, Kris especially. He wasn’t afraid to leave his dad and take his brother, Andy, with him when they struck out with their own dredge, at least for a little while. But, in true Kelly fashion, it wasn’t long before they were all working and fighting together again. While most of their plans haven’t always paid off, remember the Bluff’s anyone, Kris has always tried to better his and his family’s financial situation. Now with the birth of his daughter, Christine Jade, he’s more determined than ever. 

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Despite the numerous setbacks the Kelly’s have endured, Kris has never stopped trying to come up with a plan to get them back on the gold, even if they usually do end up losing most, if not all, of their money.  From stolen gear to equipment fires and even being shot at, you have to respect the optimism Kris has season after season that this time things will work out in their favor. After financing $15k in new equipment this past winter and a rough start, they came back swinging and ended up on some great gold to get them back in the black with enough left over to invest in Kris’ next big plan. It appears he’s working on that right now, his new monster of a bucket dredge. He even looks to be getting some help from his friends as pictures show Chris McCully is there lending a hand.

chris mccully kris kelly dredge

Kris Kelly’s Facebook page is filled with excited fans cheering him on and suggesting some great names for the new dredge. There are, of course, many that play off the name of their suction dredge The Reaper, like Reapers Revenge, Grim Reaper, Reapers Delight, Golden Reaper and Reaper Madness, to name a few. Some are suggesting names based on the fact that it’s painted all black such as Black Pearl, Black Lagoon Beast, Blackout, Black Plague, and the wildly popular, Black Beauty.

Kris Kelly Bering Sea Gold 2022

There’s even a few clever fans who are coming up with names melding the two ideas together with more than a few suggesting Black Reaper or Darth Reaper. A few personal favorites for their sheer creativity, or absurdity, are The Shawn Mower, AU Gobblin, Goldylux, The Sludge, Salty Tub and Don’t Go To Elim. 

Whatever he decides to name it, he has more than 500 suggestions currently to choose from, we wish him the best of Irish luck. He’s going to need it going up against Mr. Gold and the Bering Sea. 

What do you think about Kris Kelly’s new dredge? What would you name it? Let us know below in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Did Kris Kelly Quit Gold Diving?”

  1. Good news that the thieves have been pushed out. The Kelley’s are nothing more than low rent pretend to be gold miners: outside of the definition of stupidity they serve no purpose on that show. Please keep “Reaper Nation” on tv while I sleep at night, they are the new definition of a good nights sleep conducted by fools.

  2. There is a reason why the Kelley’s bring levity to the show; they do actually have a purpose in life. Nobody would watch if there were no A$$ clowns to continually laugh at. MR. GOLD owns Nome.


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