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Gold mining enthusiasts rejoice! Todd Hoffman, the man who kickstarted the gold mining craze with Discovery Channel’s hit TV series Gold Rush, is back with a new venture: selling gold nuggets from his Mammoth Valley Claim in Alaska. And we’ll tell you how you can buy Todd Hoffman’s Gold and get your hands on a piece of the action.

Who is Todd Hoffman?

Todd Hoffman made a name for himself as the star of Gold Rush, the popular reality TV show that follows the lives and challenges of gold miners. After a four-year hiatus, Todd returned to the gold mining scene with his latest show, Hoffman Family Gold, which chronicles his family’s journey to save a struggling mine in Nome, Alaska.

With his father Jack and son Hunter by his side, Todd is back in the spotlight, and this time, you have the chance to own a piece of the gold they mine.

“We knew this ground was rich and getting these results right here makes this whole gamble worth it.”

— Todd Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold

Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Claim

Located 80 miles north of Nome, the Mammoth Valley Claim is the centerpiece of Hoffman Family Gold. The Hoffmans are working to turn around the struggling mine and secure mining rights for the next decade, building a family legacy in the process.

The gold found at the Mammoth Valley Claim comes in various forms, including nuggets, flakes, and fine gold, making it a treasure trove for gold enthusiasts.

Nuggets by Grant: The Online Platform for Gold Enthusiasts

Todd Hoffman has partnered with Nuggets by Grant, an online platform dedicated to the gold trade, to sell his gold from the Mammoth Valley Claim. Nuggets by Grant offers a variety of gold products, from nuggets to flakes. .

Gold Nuggets from Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Claim Photo: Nuggets by Grant

Todd Hoffman’s Gold for Sale Online

Now you can buy Todd Hoffman’s gold that he and his family have been mining each week on TV. Each piece of gold comes with a unique story and a connection to the Hoffman family legacy, making it an excellent addition to any gold collection.

The gold from the Mammoth Valley Claim is known for its rich color, unique shapes, and high purity, making it a must-have for gold enthusiasts.

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How to Purchase Todd Hoffman’s Gold

To purchase gold from Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Claim, simply visit the Nuggets by Grant website and browse their selection of gold products. Once you’ve chosen the gold you’d like to purchase, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. Nuggets by Grant accepts various payment methods and ships their products worldwide.

Buy Gold Rush Gold

Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Gold Rush Nuggets #25-14 Mesh 10 Grams of Fines Photo: Nuggets By Grant

Todd Hoffman’s latest venture offers gold fans the chance to own a piece of gold mining history. With gold and gold nuggets from the Mammoth Valley Claim now available, you can add a piece of the Hoffman family legacy to your collection.

Ready to own a piece of gold mining history? Head over to Nuggets by Grant and explore Todd Hoffman’s exclusive gold offerings.

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Whether you prefer the terrestrial treasures of Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Claim or the marine riches of Bering Sea Gold, there’s something for every gold enthusiast. Dive in and get some today!

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