Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Preview Part 2

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Update November 11th, 2022: We have finally gotten a release date for Season 15 of Bering Sea Gold! Mark your calendars as our favorite show, Bering Sea Gold Season 15 returns on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel and Discovery+!!

If I had a gram of gold every time someone asked us “When is Season 15 coming out?” in our Facebook Group, on our Facebook Page and on Instagram, I’d have more gold than a Pomrenke. I wish we knew! Discovery is still keeping that information under wraps even though we’ve been pestering them. As soon as we know, believe me, we will be posting it on our social media immediately. (So if you don’t follow us, you probably should!). Our last breakdown of the Bering Sea Gold Season 15 preview that we did on the much talked about fight only seemed to intensify the excitement for the new season.

While we all wait not so patiently for the new season, let’s take a look at the rest of the Bering Sea Gold Season 15 preview that isn’t about that infamous dock fight that we covered a few weeks ago

Vernon Adkison

Vernon Adkison Vs Brad Kelly

Vern Adkison Bering Sea Gold Season 15

It seems the Kelly brothers aren’t the only ones who are fighting. Vernon and Brad Kelly seem to be squaring off next to the Reaper. We haven’t seen a lot of interaction with Vernon and the Kelly’s in past seasons so I’m curious as to why he’s now looking to beat the stuffing out of Brad. Everyone knows Vernon has a short temper but the next clip makes this one even more interesting. 

Vernon Adkison and Brad Kelly Bering Sea Gold S15

The Reaper is limping away on a trailer with flat tires as it cuts to a very heated Vernon yelling, “Not until I get my damn money!” I’d bet a few grams of gold that it’s Brad Kelly he’s yelling at. He’s wearing the same outfit and it’s the same frame that the last clip was filmed in so it must be a part of the first clip.

At first I thought maybe Vernon was trying to repo the Reaper but it looks like Brad Kelly is on the Reaper as the flat tired trailer pulls it away. It could be the magic of the editing that makes it look like Vernon is taking the Reaper or he really is. That raises the questions, how and what? Did Vernon give Brad Kelly money that Brad (shockingly) didn’t pay back? Did Brad claim jump one of the many claims Vernon bought? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Brad mine on someone else’s claim without permission. I’m excited to see how this situation unfolds. While the Kelly’s are known to be scrappy fighters, I would place my bets on Vernon if this one came to blows. 

Vern Vs Some New Guy?

Vernon Adkison and Brad Kelly Bering Sea Gold S15

Who is this guy that Vernon is yelling “f@ck you, asshole” at and looks to be chasing off? I don’t recognize him, is he some new diver that didn’t work out? Did Vernon find him sleeping in his storage shed? Who is this and what has he done to get Vern riled up? His shorts are an interesting fashion choice, he looks more like someone who would work for Zeke’s laid back crew. This isn’t the only time we see this guy in the preview and it only brings up more questions. 

Vernon and the Return of a Familiar Face

Bering Sea Gold Naked Sponge Diver

Look who’s back! Is he going to try diving for Vernon again? Do you wear a weight belt when you dive naked? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this guy, is he just popping in or is he going to hangout longer this season? I don’t know but he is still one of my favorites on the show. We got more one liners from him in one episode than we did from Ian Foster in an entire season. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this interesting character on my screen. 

Emily Riedel and Jane Kilcher

It seems Emily’s long time friend and star on Alaska: The Last Frontier, Jane Kilcher, has found herself in Nome. Is she tending on the Eroica? It wouldn’t be that far out there as before marrying Atz Lee, Jane spent many years as a commercial fisherman (fisherwoman?).  She’s no stranger to hard work as she’s shown on Alaska: The Last Frontier. It will be interesting to see how she does with life in Nome which is guaranteed to be a bit more drama filled than life on the homestead. 

Jane Kilcher Bering Sea Gold Season 15

We see Jane out on the water and the next clip is Emily saying that Jane is there which makes it easy to guess that Jane is either working for Emily or there for a visit, it’s hard to tell how long Jane is there but the preview makes it seem like she was there most the summer since she is in a lot of different clips but editing is funny, they can get a bunch of clips from just a couple days of filming so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s clear though that Jane is seeing how intense gold mining is compared to the homestead lifestyle.

Jane Kilcher Bering Sea Gold New Season

We see a super fast clip of Jane throwing an air punch, is she recreating the fight on the dock? Did she see what happened? She has a mean right hook, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that!

Alaska the Last Frontier Jane Kilcher

We next see a clip of Jane and Emily Riedel on what I will assume is the Eroica because what other boat would Emily be on? She points out that she can see the hospital which is good news. Is it because she saw the fight on the dock or did she get a run down on all the things that can be dangerous on a dredge? 

You can get your own Bering Sea Gold, without all the danger in our shop. We have real gold paydirt, right from the sluice box of the Eroica or if you don’t want to spend ages panning, we have real Bering Sea Gold by the Gram to get that sweet G right in your pocket, no work needed. Who knows, maybe it was panned by Jane Kilcher? Does she know how to pan? We’ll have to find out when the new season drops. 

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Emily Riedel

We get another clip of a happy looking Emily Riedel on the Eroica saying, “We gave it our all.” Does that mean she had a great season or did she have a rough season with a strong finish? The clip doesn’t give away much, kind of like Discovery Channel with the release date of Season 15. 


We only get a very short clip of newly engaged, Zeke Tenhoff in the preview but it looks like he’s on the gold!

Zeke Tenhoff Bering Sea Gold Season 15

They only gave a couple quick flashes of Zeke in the preview. We see him diving and exclaiming, “That’s got to be the biggest nugget I’ve ever found!” it then cuts to top side with someone being handed a nice sized nugget and then Zeke saying that it means there’s more gold. It looks like he’s on his sailboat dredge, the Black Swan, from the rigging behind him, no glimpse of his future wife though, will she make an appearance this season? It will be good to see how his sailboat dredge does now that he should have a full season to dredge with it. 

Who is This Guy and What Dredge is this?

New Dredge on Bering Sea Gold 2022

Judging from the hair, this looks like the guy we saw Vernon yelling at earlier. I don’t recognize him from any past seasons or crews. Also, what dredge is he on? It doesn’t look familiar at all. It seems to have an excavator cabin but I don’t see an excavator arm, is this a new dredge and crew for Season 15? If so, who are these people and what is this dredge? Why was Vernon yelling at this guy? 

Disaster at Sea

One of the most alarming clips comes at the end of the preview.

Bering Sea Gold accident 2022

We hear police sirens and see a capsized boat with Kris Kelly saying, “He took a big wave, flipped over, it’s not looking good.” The preview ends with a phone voice over of an operator saying “911, what’s your emergency?”

The Bering Sea looks rough and they make it look like Kris is witnessing the unfolding drama, who was on the boat? What happened? Is this the boat that Shawn Pomrenke tried to rescue last summer

So many questions that need to be answered, Season 15 needs to get here already!

Real Gold by Emily Riedel from Bering Sea Gold

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