Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Preview – Fight Edition!

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Update November 11th, 2022: We have finally gotten a release date for Season 15 of Bering Sea Gold! Mark your calendars as our favorite show, Bering Sea Gold Season 15 returns on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel and Discovery+!

One of the questions we get asked a few times a week over in our Facebook Group is when is Bering Sea Gold Season 15 coming out?

While, Discovery hasn’t give a date yet beyond “Coming Next Summer…”, they did get everyone excited by dropping a preview for Season 15 and it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride! And don’t miss our Part 2 where we go over the rest of the preview!

The biggest buzz has been about the fight they showed multiple times in the Season 15 preview. We decided to break it down and take a closer look at some of “blink and you missed it” moments. Anyone who thinks Bering Sea Gold is fake only needs to read further to see how real it is!

‘Let’s get Reeeeeaaady to Rummmmmble with the Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Preview Breakdown – Fight Edition! 

It starts off with Kris Kelly on top of what looks to be a new dredge in the fleet, could that be the one he was building

Next, we see the Christine Rose dumping the bottom of the Bering Sea on the deck of another dredge. Judging by how close the two dredges are and you can see Kris on top of the other dredge, I’m going to say with 99% certainty, it’s Kris Kelly’s new dredge that Shawn is dumping on. He’s come a long way from shooting his potato gun at the Kelly’s. Wonder what they did to get him so mad? 

The two dredges continue to circle each other while Kris Kelly stands looking out at the Christine Rose saying, “I’m not gonna f@*king quit and I’m not backing down.” Obviously there is a major dispute going on between Kris Kelly and Shawn Pomrenke.

Quick cut to Shawn, standing on a boat, yelling at Kris he’s going to get their permit pulled. Kris doesn’t seem too concerned as he flips Shawn the bird. Kris must have said something back because 1) it’s Kris Kelly, when doesn’t he say something back and 2) Shawn then tells him he’s going down. 

Shawn Pomrenke Bering Sea Gold Season 15 2022

The preview flashes to Kris Kelly giving the thumbs up, saying “Let’s get some gold!”. 

Bering Sea Gold 2022 Kris Kelly's New Dredge

We finally get a name for the newest Kelly dredge, Mistre$$. Isn’t that the one he worked on at the end of last summer? Did he get a promotion to captain or buy into it? Did he do a rebuild on it like Shawn did for the Myrtle Irene? Hopefully, those dollar signs bring better luck than the Kelly’s usually have, as this new dredge looks expensive.  

Over in the harbor, the preview jumps to a cameraman filming as it zooms in on two guys fighting on the dock. Someone says, “Yeah, baby, it’s go time!” It sounds like it could be Kris Kelly. That would mean he’s on the boat with the cameraman or it’s a voice over they added in the edit.

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We know where it’s from, because we sucked it up the nozzle ourselves.

Then the action really starts…

It’s too far away to make out who it is clearly. There’s someone in tan pants and another person in dark shorts. They both look like they’re squaring up then the guy in the dark shorts throws a punch, connecting with the other guy. As it zooms in closer, it looks like the guy in the dark pants is Andy Kelly judging by the stocky build.

A zoomed in and even slower version of the clip clearly shows it’s Andy but it’s still not clear who he’s fight with. With a huge hit, that knocks tan guy’s hat off, Andy follows up by pushing the other guy into the water.  Notice how Kris Kelly is not on the dock at this point when Andy pushes the other guy into the water.

Finally! We get a better look at who Andy Kelly is fighting on the dock and it’s Shawn Pomrenke! It seems trying to rescue miners in danger isn’t the only thing Shawn got into last summer!

Shawn gets in a few good hits before Andy pushes him into the water (again?). But like that 90’s song, Shawn gets knocked down but he gets up again. So Andy knocks him down, again.

A few things are still a little confusing, which was probably done intentionally on the editors part to keep us glued to our seats when Season 15 starts.

One thing is, how many times did Shawn get knocked into the water by Andy Kelly? 

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 2022

Kris Kelly is nowhere around Shawn and Andy when it looks like Shawn gets knocked into the Bering Sea the first time.

Kris Kelly 2022 Bering Sea Gold

The preview makes it seem as if Kris was on the boat that was filming further away. At some point Kris does show up because he’s there when Shawn gets knocked into the water, again? Also, if you look in the background, that looks like the same cameraman that was on the boat earlier with Kris.

How long were Andy and Shawn fighting on the dock? We see a few different punches from different angles thrown by both men once everyone is there. But before you see anyone else on the dock with them, it shows Shawn falling into the water from far away after a haymaker punch by Andy, with Kris nowhere around. Then, they showed a closer view of Shawn being pushed into the Bering Sea with Kris and the cameramen there which makes me think that Andy pushed Shawn in twice, not just once. 

The Kelly’s have pushed a lot of buttons over the years and Shawn isn’t the type of miner to take any crap. I don’t know what caused things to get to this level but I can’t wait to see! 

Does anyone know when Season 15 is coming out? 

Don’t miss Part 2 when we look at the rest of the Season 15 Preview filled with even more drama, fights and special guests!

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