Bering Sea Gold Season 15 is now on Discovery+

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Bering Sea Gold has a strong, loyal fanbase that has been cheering on their favorite miners for over a decade. The show, which airs on the Discovery Channel, has been a fan favorite for many years, offering a unique look into the world of gold mining in the treacherous waters off the coast of Nome, Ak in the Bering Sea.

Fans were overjoyed when it was announced that Season 15 of the show was finally set to air on December 6th, 2022, on the Discovery Channel after being off the air for over a year. 

It was time to catch up with their favorite miners like Emily Riedel and Shawn Pomrenke. There was a lot to get excited about over the new season of Bering Sea Gold.

Would we get new Social Hours with Vernon?

What was Kris Kelly’s crazy plan for this year?

Now they could get those answers along with who was fighting on the dock in the preview Discovery released over a year earlier.

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Many fans had to temper their excitement when they learned that Bering Sea Gold season 15 wouldn’t be available on the streaming platform, Discovery+, until after the season had finished airing on cable.

But the wait is finally over! Today, Season 15 of Bering Sea Gold is finally available on Discovery+!

This means that fans of the show can now enjoy all the excitement and drama from the latest season and finally see what all the excitement was about with super-sized episodes running at an hour and 23 minutes each.

With a new season comes new challenges, old grudges, and of course, new treasures to be discovered. Fans of the show can now watch as the brave miners venture out into the dangerous waters of the Bering Sea in search of gold, all while battling against the elements and each other.

The arrival of Bering Sea Gold, Season 15 on Discovery+ is finally here to watch on whatever your favorite streaming device is.

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to strap in and join the gold rush as Bering Sea Gold returns to the streaming platform! The gold rush is still on in Nome, AK and the adventure is just getting started!

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  1. This program used to be about mining, now it’s just turned into a bad soap opera. They are inventing scenarios which strain credibility, and are poorly acted. They are ruining the program.


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