A tale of two prospectors

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“It’s a pretty simple idea that hasn’t changed for, well, for since people started finding gold I would imagine.”

– Parker Schnabel on Gold Panning

On a beautiful early summer day, high up in the mountains somewhere out West, two prospectors were hunting for gold. They were very alike, these two prospectors. Both caught gold fever after finding a few flakes in a local creek. Both had studied the art and science of finding gold, both had invested in the latest equipment and both – as new prospectors are – were filled with dreams of hitting the motherlode.

Recently, those two prospectors met up for a beer.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had interesting careers. And both, it turned out, still loved gold.

But there was a difference. One of the prospectors had given up hunting for gold altogether. His gold pan gathered dust in the corner of the garage and he decided instead to buy gold coins online and stash them in his sock drawer.

He hunts deals these days, comparing prices on bullion sites. The only skill he has mastered is saving a few bucks on the new American Eagle 1 oz coin.

The other has a rapidly-filling jar of placer gold at home and is about to buy his first claim. He recovers his own gold from the dirt.

His accomplishments allow him access to the exclusive club of successful prospectors who swap tips and tricks of the trade. And his gold, when he passes it down to his children, is accompanied by rich stories of adventure and discovery, and important life lessons.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in the gold prospector’s journey? It isn’t a native intelligence or talent or education. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in whether a prospector can find the paystreak with his gold pan.

It’s that simple.

If he can, then the sky is the limit. Someone with a “nose for gold” – as we say in the business – will discover a world of job opportunities, has the potential to make millions, and can even feed his family with his skills in a pinch. If he can’t, then all the expensive equipment in the world won’t help him, and he’s destined to sell his tools for pennies on the dollar.

And that is why we started Bering Sea Paydirt. The whole purpose of our company is to give customers the rare experience of finding real gold in paydirt, just as it’s found in the field.

Panning is for the Pros

There is no “graduating” from the humble gold pan. From the first gold rush to today it has been the essential tool for finding gold.

Shawn Pomrenke test pans the salty, dripping dirt straight out of his excavator bucket on the Bering Sea. Parker Schnabel wields his gold pan to sniff out the paystreak on his claims. This task isn’t below them. Quite the opposite.

Finding the paystreak is the job for the boss. The master. It’s the critical task that can make or break a multi-million dollar mining operation.

Dan Hurd is a master of the gold pan. Chris Ralph is a master of the gold pan. These professional prospectors uncover rich gold claims even in areas where amateurs searched and discovered nothing worth finding. Their prowess with the pan allows them lucrative careers hunting treasure out in nature, with no boss to answer to.

In short, there is no successful man or woman in the gold-finding business who can’t expertly wield a gold pan.

Amateurs spend their money on the latest expensive tools. Professionals master the pan, because they know a “nose for gold” isn’t a genetic gift – it’s a carefully-developed skill.

Most Prospectors Fail Before They Start and It’s Not Their Fault

Imagine you send an Average Joe into an MLB game and say “ok, go hit the ball over the fence.”

How stupid would that be?

Why, then, do we expect gold prospectors to go out and find gold without any practice?

Most people get introduced to gold panning at some cheap tourist attraction. A sleepy college student gives a lazy demonstration on how to swirl dirt in your pan for 5 minutes. Then for a $20 fee you’re supposed to go to the local creek and find gold with it.

These folks think that because they can’t find a flake, there’s no gold to be found!

The problem isn’t that there is no gold, it’s that they’re outmatched.

Nature is like a major league pitcher. It’s throwing 99 mph fastballs to everyone. And these folks have never even swung a bat before.

It doesn’t care if you’re a beginner or a pro. There is no place where finding gold is easy, even at a “recreational” gold panning spot.

You need practice to have success in the field.

Practice is Power

Right now, I am looking at a jar of gold from the Bering Sea. We spent countless hours panning every flake of this gold out of natural paydirt we recovered in our sluice box.

Even though we have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in our operation we still can’t recover gold without a pan.

Every bag of Bering Sea Paydirt is unique in that it exactly replicates gold paydirt found in nature, because it was found in nature. It contains all the heavy minerals found naturally in the ground around Nome that makes extracting the gold challenging – and makes Bering Sea miners some of the best gold panners in the world.

Each bag contains a range of gold sizes from flour gold to small “pickers” or nuggets.

We didn’t have to create a “special blend” for the best panning experience. The Bering Sea already did that.

Some paydirt companies mix gold nuggets with some sand and call it a day. And some folks like that. They like the feeling of finding big, easy nuggets in sand.

We would like that too! But God doesn’t make it that easy for us gold miners. Professionals learn to operate in the real world, and learn to play the game as it is, not how they wish it was.

An Investment in Success

Put our statements to the test by picking up a bag of Diver Dirt Paydirt.

It’s our least-expensive bag – it guarantees 1 gram of real Bering Sea gold – and is the perfect way to get acquainted with Bering Sea Paydirt.

Or you may prefer to take advantage of our better buy. Eroica Paydirt contains 2 grams instead of 1, and provides more gold for your money. Oh, and you get a certificate of authenticity that it was mined by our dredge, the M/V Eroica, with a message from Emily Riedel.

Frankly, the more gold you get, the more value you get, because the unavoidable cost of packaging and shipping becomes a smaller percentage of the total cost. And if you spend over $199 we will ship it to you via Priority Mail, fully-insured, for free.

Prices will fluctuate as the gold price fluctuates. Not only do you get to hone your panning skills, but we promise to get a gram of gold into your hands cheaper than any major bullion dealer. We can do that because we recover the gold ourselves and sell direct to the customer – no middle man.

Simply go to our store, add a bag to the cart, and checkout with your shipping address and credit card payment information. We will ship immediately.

See why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews and a 4.8/5 star rating from customers all over the US, Canada, and the UK.

About those two prospectors I mentioned at the beginning of this letter: they started prospecting together. So what made their gold hunting experiences so different?

One prospector learned to use his gold pan like a professional.

I cannot promise you that prospecting success will be yours instantly if you buy a bag of Bering Sea Paydirt. But I can guarantee that the experience will make you a better panner and will result in a valuable treasure you can pass down to your children.

It will be the only thing you buy online this year that will be worth more in 10 years than it is today.


Alex & Emily

PS – if you’re still here take this 10% discount code as our thanks for reading, and a little encouragement to start your journey to being a professional prospector: PAN10

Real Gold by Emily Riedel from Bering Sea Gold

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