Tasmania’s Crazy Gold Law: You Can Find It, But The Government Keeps It

In historical gold rushes in the US it was taken for granted that finders are keepers and losers are weepers. If you find the gold, you get to keep it all. But what if you were just collecting gold on behalf of the government? That’s the state of prospecting in Tasmania, an island state of Australia in the South Pacific, thanks to a strange 1995 law.

Tasmanian Gold Sniping Levi Triffitt

Tasmanian finds $2,000 of gold PER DAY using a bottle and a stick

Levi Triffitt makes his longest trip yet to an untouched Tasmanian creek filled with gold. Why do the best gold prospecting videos keep coming out of Tasmania?

Rob Parsons Tasmania Gold Sniping $10,000

‘The next two days reshaped what I thought was possible with gold prospecting in Tasmania’ – Rob Parsons Finds $10,000 in Gold in Hours with “Lazy Technique”

In a recent video on Youtube, which received over 125,000 views in just 10 days, Youtuber Rob Parsons finds ounces of gold in Tasmanian river “untouched for over 100 years” in just a few hours using this “lazy technique!”

Buy gold from Todd Hoffman

Buy Todd Hoffman’s Gold: Exclusive Nuggets from Mammoth Valley

Learn how you can buy exclusive gold and gold nuggets from Todd Hoffman’s Mammoth Valley Claim, as featured in the hit show Hoffman Family Gold. Explore the unique offerings available, and uncover the fascinating connection between Todd’s land-based gold and our Bering Sea Paydirt.


Gold Paydirt You Can Buy on Amazon

Discover the best Gold Paydirt on Amazon as we sift through the options to bring you top-notch choices! Delve into detailed reviews, pros, cons, and real customer insights to find the ideal paydirt for an exhilarating gold panning adventure. Upgrade your treasure hunting game now!

How to make money with gold

Make Money with Gold: 12 Creative Ways for Prospectors to Cash In

Discover how to make money with gold through 12 creative ways for gold prospectors, including real-life success stories and handy getting started tips. Learn unconventional gold selling methods and ways to profit without selling your gold. See how everyday prospectors turn their passion into a rewarding adventure!


Different Types of Gold – The Field Guide

Embark on a captivating journey through the world of gold, as we reveal the secrets behind the different types of gold, from tiny flour gold to crystalized gold. This field guide will have you prospecting and identifying gold formations like a true expert. Uncover the fascinating details and easily identify the rarest types of gold.

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The Complete Guide to Prospecting for Placer Gold in the Desert

Everything you need to know about finding gold in the desert. From what to look for, the tools you’ll need and how to get on the gold!

Is gold magnetic?

Is Gold Magnetic? How to Use a Magnet to Spot Fake Gold

Unlock the power of diamagnetism and learn how to spot fake gold like a pro with a simple tool. Discover the prospector’s secret weapon in this informative and entertaining article. Get ahead of the game and don’t be fooled again.

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The Best Sluice Boxes You Can Get on Amazon in 2023

Looking for the best sluice box on Amazon for your gold prospecting adventures? We list the top-rated options with real user reviews with pros and cons. Find the perfect sluice box for you today

Lode vs. Placer vs. Alluvial Gold

Lode, Placer, and Alluvial, oh my! Which type of gold should I mine?

Discover the differences between lode and placer gold deposits and the unique characteristics of each. Learn about the tools and techniques used to mine these deposits. Discover which is easier to mine from real gold miners.

Monthly Gold Prices averages

Monthly Average Price of Gold (Updated March 2023)

Stay updated on Monthly Gold Price Averages with our comprehensive chart featuring daily prices and monthly averages. Check back each month for the latest data.

Lost Creek Gold Mine

Slumach’s Lost Mine: The Elusive Cursed Fortune of Pitt Lake

A curse, unsolved mysteries, lost gold, and disappearances in the wilderness – the legend of Slumach’s lost mine has captivated adventurers for over a century. Discover the thrilling tale of this elusive treasure and the seekers who risked it all in search of it.

Gold Divers New Season

Everything We Know about Bering Sea Gold Season 16

Get ready for an adventure on the icy waters of the Bering Sea! Find out everything we know so far about Bering Sea Gold Season 16, including who’s back and who’s new. Keep checking back for updates on Bering Sea Gold Season 16 news and information!

new gold rush

Record Rain & Snow Brings a New Gold Rush to the West in 2023

Experts say highly unusual weather will likely make 2023 the most fruitful gold prospecting in the last decade! Learn the secrets of finding gold after flooding with our expert guide.

10 Places You Can Find BIG Gold Nuggets

10 places where you can find BIG gold nuggets (VIDEO PROOF)

The old timers didn’t find all the gold nuggets. People today are still finding BIG nuggets all over the world. In this list we’ll show you exactly where people are finding them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make the next edition of this list.

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Family Friendly Places to Pan for Gold With Kids

Discover family-friendly places to pan for gold while learning about history! Our article lists the best destinations where kids and adults can experience the thrill of gold prospecting together. Explore these educational and fun activities that will make for an unforgettable family adventure!

Stream Bering Sea Gold Season 15 on Discovery

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 is now on Discovery+

When the return of Bering Sea Gold Season 15 was announced fans were excited to see their favorite Alaskan gold dredgers hit the water. The wait is finally over! The entire season of BSG Season 15 is now out on Discovery+, so you can binge all its super-sized episodes.

Where is the purest gold in the world found

Where is the purest gold in the world found? This isolated country…

If you can get past the fact that everything wants to kill you, it’s also where you’ll find the purest gold and gold nuggets in the world, with an average purity of around 93-98%. Some legendary nuggets from this country have been known to have a purity of over 99%!