Where is the purest gold in the world found? This isolated country…

If you can get past the fact that everything wants to kill you, it’s also where you’ll find the purest gold and gold nuggets in the world, with an average purity of around 93-98%. Some legendary nuggets from this country have been known to have a purity of over 99%!

how is a troy ounce difference from a regular ounce

What’s a Troy Ounce?

How much does an ounce of gold really weigh? What’s the difference between an ounce and a troy ounce? Did you know a troy ounce has more grams?

How to Test the Purity of Gold Nuggets & Placer Gold Dust

How to Test the Purity of Gold Nuggets & Placer Gold Dust

We know that gold found in nature isn’t 100% pure. But the good news is testing the purity of your gold can be cheap, easy and fun. And you can do it right from your home! So in this guide we’re going to give you four ways you can test the purity of your gold. Two of these methods can be done at home, and two can be done with the help of a professional.

Gold Nugget Purity

How Pure Are Gold Nuggets?

Gold nuggets, also known as placer gold, are never 100% pure. A nugget can be as low as 50% pure gold or as high as 95%. Read our guide!

Gold Purity Chart

The Only Gold Purity Charts You’ll Ever Need

Are “Karats” different from “Carats” and how pure are common jewelry alloys? What is considered investment-grade gold purity? How pure is the gold found naturally in the ground? And which country has the purest nuggets? These charts are all about gold purity!

Where to Pan for Gold in Alaska on Your Vacation

19 Places to Pan for Gold in Alaska on Your Vacation (with maps)

Alaska is every prospector’s dream, whether you want a real backcountry mining experience, or to pan gold with a beer and a stunning view. Here are 19 places you can find gold on your next vacation to Alaska, divided into five categories based on the experience you want!

the best gold pan for panning gold

What Gold Pan is Best for Panning?

The gold pan is an essential tool for both novice prospectors and seasoned veterans panning for gold. It’s the first and last tool used in gold prospecting. Which ones do real gold prospectors use?

About Bering Sea Paydirt

We’re Emily and Alex – Alaskan gold dredgers, and the founders of Bering Sea Paydirt. Our mission is to encourage people to seek treasures of all kinds with practical guides, inspiring stories from the field, and conversations with your favorite modern day treasure hunters.

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Nome Gold Rush Story Cover

The Real, Insane Story of the Nome Gold Rush

The Nome Gold Rush was Alaska’s one true gold rush. Like all major gold discoveries, it’s a story of greed, violence, and a few very fortunate men. Unlike other gold rushes, Nome was a poor man’s paradise. A loophole in the local laws and the unique geology meant EVERY MAN had the chance to find gold. It’s still like that today.

Emily Riedel AKAU 2023 Gold Rush Getaway

Emily Riedel’s Gold Rush Getaway! Summer 2023

We’re inviting 20 people to join us on this all-inclusive trip to Nome, Alaska to mine gold with Emily Riedel at AKAU Gold Camp in the summer of 2023! Prospect gold on historic gold rush claims and get an exclusive tour of the Eroica gold dredge operation! Book fast – there are only a few spots left.

A Tale of Two Prospectors

A tale of two prospectors

On a beautiful early summer day, high up in the mountains somewhere out West, two prospectors were hunting for gold. They were very alike, these two prospectors. Except one would fill a jar with gold, and one would give up and let his tools collect dust. What made the difference?

what is placer gold

What is placer gold and how much is it worth?

What is placer gold? Isn’t gold just gold? Placer gold is the type of gold you see them mining for on popular tv shows and is different from lode gold.

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Why is there gold in the Bering Sea?

Everyone has a theory as to how gold made its way into the Bering Sea. We assembled the most likely and most outrageous ones for you!

Mike Rowe interview Bering Sea Gold Shawn Pomrenke

5 Things We Learned About Shawn Pomrenke From Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe, narrator of Bering Sea Gold and star of Dirty Jobs, interviews Mr. Gold himself, Shawn Pomrenke on his podcast The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe.

Melting Gold into Bars TIG Welder

Melting Gold into Bars with a TIG Welder

We experimented and found out that yes, we can in fact make our own gold bars with a TIG welder. Here’s how you can, too.

Emily Riedel Jane Kilcher Friendship
Emily Riedel

Why is Jane Kilcher on Bering Sea Gold? (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JANE)

We were just two small town Alaskan girls on Discovery shows. Then I met Jane. Now? We’re still that, but, like, we hang out a lot more.

9 Spots You Can Still Pan Gold in the American River with Map

9 Spots to Pan Gold Near Sacramento in the American River (map)

9 places you can go panning in the American River with images, maps, and reviews from the community. No claim or permissions needed!

Who owns the Tomcod Claim? 2022
Emily Riedel

Who owns the Tomcod Claim in Bering Sea Gold?

And why doesn’t Shawn Pomrenke just kick Kris Kelly off “his” claim? Well, it isn’t that simple…

Kris Kelly Excavator Dredge Mistress

Man Mines Kris Kelly’s Mistress, Makes Gold

Kris Kelly’s The Mistress vs Shawn Pomrenke’s Myrtle Irene – Who has more gold on their deck? Bryan Wilder, from American Gold Prospectors and Diver for Vernon Adkison, finds out!